Zoom Workshops Oct-Dec 2020

CV Writing

Date: Tuesday 10th November
Time: 10.00-12.30
WEA Tutor: Marjory Winnie

This workshop with enable you:

  • To learn how to create or update your CV
  • To consider which format to use when writing your CV
  • To decide what to include in your CV
  • To learn how to structure your CV
  • Consider to what words and phrases to include

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Date: Wednesday 18th November
Time: 10.00-12.30
WEA Tutor: Michelle Lindsay-Baharie

Self-Empowerment will include assertion awareness, egoic thinking, controlling negative thoughts, accepting what is and self-compassion.

Practitioners studied are Eckhart Tolle, Byron Katie, Fabrice Midal, Dr Wayne Dyer and Richard Carlson. The course is discussion based and through talking and exploring it aims to encourage self-awareness and increase emotional intelligence towards others and self.

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Managing Stress and meditation

Date: Thursday 26th November
Time: 10.00-12.30
WEA Tutor: Margaret Mordue

Feeling calm, relaxed and ultimately re-charged.

Meditation helps us to connect with our inner self and allows us to realise that the things that really matter – joy, love, beauty, creativity and inner peace arise from beyond our mind.

Meditation teaches us how to ‘free’ ourselves from the constant barrage of thoughts and therefore helps to give our brain a well earned rest.

Learn how to simply be ‘in the present moment’ – and how to stop worrying about the past or what the future may bring.

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Date: Wednesday 9th December
Time: 10.00-12.30
WEA Tutor: Maria Johnson

In this workshop participants will lean the alphabet and how to sign stage 1 Makaton signs. We will also cover stage 1 symbols and how to sign key sentences with sign and symbols.

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