Online learning and resources

The Bridges to Learning partnership has links with a number of online learning partnerships to offer tailored learning opportunities to UNISON members, family and friends in the Northern Region.

We have brought all these courses together here so that you can access all the free learning you want or need in one space. There are lots of learning opportunities listed here, keep scrolling through, you’ll find something to suit.

Improve your English and Maths and get a qualification

Bridges to Learning is working in partnership with two education providers to bring English and Maths qualifications to our online learners. Why not give it a go and get the English and Maths you might need to get promotion or train for a new job.

Bridges to Learning has linked with two providers who can offer English and Maths online. Read the information about each and choose the one that suits you better.

Free level 2 courses

We have two partner organisations who between them offer a huge range of free Level 2 courses. They are The Skills Network and Learning Curve. Completing these courses results in a nationally recognised Level 2 qualification.