Borderline Personality Disorder

2 October 2019 / 00:00 - 23:59

Borderline Personality Disorder

Led by Pearl Barker This is a past event

Led by Pearl Barker

This workshop is open to all staff and UNISON members. This is an expert’s viewpoint only it is a basic awareness not a precursor to other training. A Certificate of achievement will be given at the end providing you have achieved the learning outcomes.

The aims of this workshop are to have a basic understanding of types of treatments past and present. To have a basic understanding of the range of treatments service users have experienced from their viewpoint and to have a basic understanding of the dilemmas barriers associated with treatment from an expert’s viewpoint.

The workshop Includes Group work Discussions, Presentational material, Videos and Lived experiences accounts.

The Morning session will include being given a diagnosis of BPD and attitudes towards diagnosis Patient/staff attitudes towards treatment of BPD Therapy interfering behaviours Relationships and attachment Barriers to treatment Perceptions of treatment Institutions/hospitalisation.

The afternoon will comprise of CAT therapy, ECT, Cognitive therapy, Counselling Therapeutic communities, Psychotherapy, EMDR, DBT, Trauma focussed therapy, what works/what doesn’t? Conclusions and future, treatment for BPD. Refreshments and lunch will be provided on the day. This is an exciting opportunity to hear from a lived experience perspective and contribute greatly in you CPD development.

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