moving forward through
learning with UNISON

Bridges to Learning encourages workers in the Health, Social Care and Education sectors to develop in their jobs and personally through participating in learning and training.

About us

Bridges to Learning is an exciting partnership between UNISON, the Open University and the Workers’ Educational Association (WEA). Originally established in 2001, in recent years the project has expanded and now receives its funding from the Union Learning Fund.

Our purpose is to help people achieve professional qualifications and employment opportunities, whatever their starting point: and to build the UNISON role in lifelong learning and workforce development. The partnership has engaged thousands of learners, many of whom had done no learning at all since leaving school. Learners have entered into all levels of adult learning, from entry level English and Maths to postgraduate research. Working with employers and UNISON branches throughout the North East, Bridges to Learning has developed progression pathways for learners in the health, social care and education sectors.

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