Introduction to British Sign Language

Led by Robin Herdman This course is designed to enable students to communicate with Deaf people in BSL about familiar, day to day topics and activities.
  • Be able to communicate in BSL using a simple range of vocabulary and signing structure
  • Be prepared to take part in a basic conversation in BSL
  • Who wish to acquire basic language skills to allow communication with Deaf people
  • Who are already in employment.
  • Who wants to continue language learning in addition to their regular studies.
  • Who wish to progress to more advanced at a later date.
  • Show a basic understanding of BSL
  • Show understanding of at least one Deaf person using BSL
  • Demonstrate understanding of a range of vocabulary within the topics taught
  • Use the correct BSL structure
  • Use appropriate and clear handshapes
  • Use suitable non-manual features
  • Be able to conduct a basic conversation with a Deaf person

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